Accredited Courses


TETA accreditation number  – TETA16 -709

A view of traditional sourcing compared to strategic sourcing and when and how to choose the right method when sourcing goods and/or services. Enhance a culture towards cross functional teams that support the strategy of the company.

Course Aimed AtUnit StandardsDescriptionCreditsNQFDuration
Demand Planners260097Develop a sourcing strategy862 Days
Procurement/Buyers260077Conduct initial assessment for strategic souring46
Costing/ Finance336679Manage in and out sourcing45
Budgeting Department336680Create sustainable value through appropriate cost and pricing strategies105
Operational Teams/ Project Managers260137Execute a strategic sourcing strategy76

The objectives of capacity planning and forecasting, and how to effectively use different planning strategies.

Course Aimed AtUnit StandardsDescriptionCreditsNQFDuration
Demand Planners/ Operational teams/ Costing and Finance teams336720Conduct demand forecasting and develop supply and capacity plans to meet demand863 Days
336680Create sustainable value through appropriate cost and pricing strategies106

This short yet in-depth course shows the learner how the company’s corporate strategy is reflected in the supply chain decisions. The leaner will know how to strategically manage the supply chain and build productive team analysing key areas and when to make changes in the business.

Course Aimed AtUnit StandardsDescriptionCreditsNQFDuration
All persons within the supply chain336700Lead and influence the supply chain management environment1353 Days
336739Demonstrate an understanding of the key concepts and elements of strategic supply chain management135

This short course will have the learner understand how to process customer orders, the distribution network and analyse the Logistics system. Understanding domestic and international trade, types of orders and methods of distribution as well as methods of ordering to create a strategic logistics plan

Course Aimed AtUnit StandardsDescriptionCreditsNQFDuration
Operational Teams/ Order Imitators/ Supervisors/ First Line Managers336681Process customer orders552 Days
336703Design a distribution network55
336740Analyse logistics systems and implement appropriate strategic plans85

This course will help the learner understand the principles of marketing

Course Aimed AtUnit StandardsDescriptionCreditsNQFDuration
Marketing Teams/ Line Managers/ Operational Teams336699Demonstrate an understanding of the principles of marketing552 Days

This course will help the learner understand the principles of the economy in the supply chain industry

Course Aimed AtUnit StandardsDescriptionCreditsNQFDuration
Line Managers/ Operational Teams336701Demonstrate an understanding of the fundamental principles of the economy852 Days

This course focuses on the inventory management practices. The order levels required to optimise productivity and the role inventory management plays within the organisation

Course Aimed AtUnit StandardsDescriptionCreditsNQFDuration
Inventory Controllers/ Inventory Clerks/ Operational teams/ Line Managers336742Develop and implement optimal inventory strategies852 Days

At completion of this short course, the learner will understand the effect that stock control has on the business and the financial implications of stockholding.

Course Aimed AtUnit StandardsDescriptionCreditsNQFDuration
Line managers/ Inventory controllers/ Supervisors/ Finance Team13945Describe and apply the management of stock and fixed assets in a business unit251 Days
336741Schedule production activities55

A freight forwarding and logistic provider guide to pertaining and acquiring new business. A view on how to manage and select freight forwarding agents and align logistics activities to achieve a competitive advantage

Course Aimed AtUnit StandardsDescriptionCreditsNQFDuration
Operational Managers/ Business executives within the Freight forwarding and Logistics arena252260Select and develop service providers for a forwarding operation852 Days
252288Align logistics activities to achieve competitive advantage155
252296Secure and retain new business in the freight forwarding industry85
Course NameCourse Aimed AtDescriptionNQFDuration
Lifting Machine OperationsFLT drivers
RT Drivers
PPT Drivers
All Lifting Machine Drivers
Lifting Machine Operations included novice & renewal of the FLT driver licence, Reach truck driver license etc. We will ensure the driver learns the correct way of driver ensuring the driver’s safety as well as those around him and the safety of the item he is carrying.31 Day – Refresher
4 Day – Novice
First Aid TrainingAll First AidersAs people are a company’s number one asset, it is important to ensure that the workplace has a efficiently trained and competent first aider.12 Days
Fire Fighting TrainingAll Fire FightersIn the event of a disaster like a fire, are your staff trained to manage this fire? Allow us to train your staff in accordance with the SAQS requirements21 Day
SHE Rep TrainingAll Safety RepsWe will training staff to ensure that all the correct safety measures are taken in order to allow a safe working environment for all employees31 Day