supply-chain-skills-training-pmbWe are a TETA accredited service provider with a diverse NQF curricula as well as tailor made training specific to the client’s sites requirements. The trainers are passionate subject matter experts and render interactive training sessions requiring participation from the trainees; therefore ensuring that training sessions are energised and superior to any other service provider. We use practical and theory training to ensure that learning is more conducive
Our training is based on current and future industry trends and standards and therefore is much more advanced than what you would get at a standard institution facility. These training sessions can be packaged to suit your environment and workforce.

  • Supply Chain Training
  • Soft Skills Training
  • Learnerships
  • A-Z SETA accreditation
  • Quality Management System
  • Free-lance Facilitator/Assessors/Moderator

quality-management-system-trainingSupply Chain is currently a scarce skill in South Africa, in partnering with KPI companies are able to skill our future workforce and build the economic structure of our country.
As one of the only companies that have the experience and skill to equip and train your teams in the supply chain industry we add invaluable knowledge to the teams and are not just a “tick the box” training session

Supply Chain Training

Our supply chain training can be designed to your organization’s requirements . This will ensure the course content is relevant, current and on the mark with your organisational requirements.
Should your organisation prefer content that is NQF aligned, KPI offers various training and short courses that are NQF accredited.
Irrespective of the choice of training, our trainers are highly skilled and ready to invigorate and motivate your teams whilst ensuring the course add value to your organisation.

Soft Skills Training

KPI acknowledges the fact that organisations’ see the positive results of developing their staff. Hence we offer a wide range of NQF accredited soft skills courses to empower and motivate your staff.


As supply chain is such a scarce skill in SA, KPI can partner with your organisation to develop the “leaders of tomorrow” by setting up learnership programs designed to equip the youth with the knowledge of the Supply Chain, thereby assisting your business with resources that can be utilised in the long term.